Strategy to Retain Customers: Post-Launch Service
Micron Software is well-known for after-sales solutions that make your customers loyal and happy. We believe following up demonstrates your commitment to customer service. It not only makes your customers satisfied, but also provides you a way to benefit from word of mouth.

To earn customer’s loyalty and consistent profits, you need great post-launch services.
In order to survive in the highly competitive world, your projects need to evolve with the latest trends and technology. We monitor your projects, and keep providing post-launch services to ensure a long term success.


Project Development
and Management
Mciron Software uses post-launch service strategies to consolidate sales, build customer relationships and grow profits. We ensure to provide post-delivery solutions to our clients, providing an increase in the customer base and customer retention. In addition, we ensure a follow-up after a customer leaves, such as making contact and effectively dealing with complaints.

Regular Updates and Fixes
We ensure regular updates to move along with new technology. When it comes to the growth of your business, technical planning is a priority. We provide you with compatible apps and web solutions that can keep pace with the latest trends and technology.


Dedicated QA Experts
Our dedicated QA team ensures that each app, webpage, or software is thoroughly tested, including manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing, making it flawless and bug free.